Sacred Elaeocarpus of the Nilgiris- Ecology, Culture and Conservation


Sacred Elaeocarpus of the Nilgiris-Ecology, Culture and Conservation:

This project funded by INTACH Delhi, is a survey on the status of the Elaeocarpus serratus (“Bikke” in Badaga dialect or commonly known as the Malabar/Nilgiri Mock Olive tree) and Elaeocarpus tuberculatus (Nilgiri Rudraksha tree) which are sacred to the different communities in the Nilgiris. These trees are venerated as sacred trees by most of the hill communities as well as used for medicinal purposes. Population surveys to assess status of these trees as well as a survey of the myths and beliefs associated with these trees are being conducted in the various habitations as well as in the neighboring sholas.DSC_0734DSC_0053

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