NNHS activities

Birding in Kokkal

A trek was conducted to Kokkal, Sholur on 29 October 2017, which was facilitated by NNHS Co-ordinator Anandhi Chandran. We started the trek at 7.30 a.m. with the weather favoring us with bright sunshine. The first stretch was a steep incline scattered with rocks. The grassland was int
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Roots: Living with the Irulas of Sathy

Nature Education at Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve; A faint smell of wet clay and cattle feed greets ones senses as they venture deeper into the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve of Tamil Nadu. Shouldered by the Eastern Ghats and native forests,protected areas of the reserve host the Galidhi
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Outreach and Awareness programmes- Series 1

A series of outreach programmes and education activities has been initiated by Keystone Foundation and NNHS in the Hasanur , Punajanur and Sigur regions. The most recent camp was conducted for school students at the Keystone Resource Centre in Punanjanur. A wide array of activities we
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Outreach Sessions at ‘The Lawrence School’, Ooty

NNHS has been conducting a series of talks with the Nature Club, at The Lawrence School, ooty. These talks have covered a series of modules ( Where the Kurinji Blooms – a conservation education manual developed by Keystone Foundation) as well as a few specialist talks as well. The mot
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