Nilgiri Natural History Society

Shola Trail Saravanmalai & Neighborhood Trees Campaign

Kicking off Earth Day celebrations, NNHS is organizing a Shola Trail as a part of “Neighborhood Trees Campaign” We start at Attadi Junction on the Coonor- Kotagiri Rd and go up to Sarvanamalai. The trail will be led by Shiny M Rehel, Field Botanist and Compiler of Field Gu
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Stakeholder workshop on Human-wildlife Interactions, Periyakulam

A stakeholder workshop on Human-wildlife Interactions, the second in the series, was jointly conducted by Keystone Foundation and Nilgiri Natural History Society. The Horticultural College and Research Institute, Periyakulam hosted the workshop on 12 March, 2015. Meeting with Stakehol
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Stakeholder Workshop on Human Wildlife Conflict, Wayanad

Given the trend of increase in interactions between Humans and Wildlife, it has become crucial to understand the point at which these interactions become conflict. Keystone Foundation, has been working on Human Wildlife 1Conflicts over the past year, and is planning on conducting a se
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The Nature & Environment Quiz

Being one of the biodiversity hot-spots of Southern India, the Nilgiris is home to a vast number of intriguing and beautiful ecosystems. In order to celebrate the knowledge about this biodiversity, the Nilgiri Natural History Society will host ‘The Nature & Environment Quiz’. Deta
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CEPF/IUCN Freshwater Workshop

Keystone Foundation in Collaboration with Nilgiri Natural History Society is proud to host the CEPF/IUCN Freshwater  Workshop in Key Biodiversity Areas in Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Workshops are to ensure engagement by relevant stakeholders in the KBA delineation, validation and the de
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Traditional Knowledge Fair, 2014

“When I listen to the stories that my elders tell me it is like magic,I enjoy it and I want to listen to it all the time”- Niroshasin from Bikkapathy mund. 92 children from indigenous groups across the NBR quietly occupied the lawns of the Nehru Park at Kotagiri to tell th
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