Outreach and Awareness programmes- Series 1

IMG_20151027_121439959A series of outreach programmes and education activities has been initiated by Keystone Foundation and NNHS in the Hasanur , Punajanur and Sigur regions. The most recent camp was conducted for school students at the Keystone Resource Centre in Punanjanur. A wide array of activities were planned and implemented. The children gained an insight into the complex dynamics of how the environment works, as well an opportunity to better their already sharp observational skills. When the children were out on walks, their observation skills were quite amazing to see. We helped them sharpen their skills, and also explained what factors are crucial when noting observations in the field.IMG_20151027_132902802

While we look forward to conducting more camps at the Punanjanur centre, we are also looking forward to interacting with school students at the Government High School, Geddesal and the Government High School, Anaikatti! Stay tuned for more news on this front.

If you have ideas or suggestions as to any other schools which you think might benefit from this program, please write in to us at contact@nnhs.inIMG_20151027_135307346_HDR

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