Mullur-Mandarai trail

This nature trail through the eastern slopes of the Nilgiris covered a total distance of 15km through varying landscapes. A group of about ten participants started the walk from Mullur through some tea gardens, which were gradually replaced by evergreen forests past the Glenburn estates. From here the group walked to Vellaricombai, a Kurumba settlement where they got a chance to interact with Krishnan- a Kurumba artist who was gracious enough to let us see some of his art, which he had done using natural inks collected from the surrounding forests. From here the group headed down to Kunjapannai, which lies at an elevation of about 800-1000msl. At this elevation both the vegetation of the upper and lower reaches of the Nilgiris thrive. This area, which is also an excellent location for birding, presented us with several sightings including the Hill myna, Blacked–naped Monarch, Chestnut-headed Bee-eater and a Crested serpent eagle. The trek ended at Mandarai, which offers some spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys

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