Isha Home School visits ‘Bee Museum’


“If the bees disappear, we’ll all be stung.” – David Suzuki


Thankfully the bees of Nilgiris don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. We share an ecosystem with these hard workers, and it only makes sense for us to learn about bees.

Not what the textbooks will have us believe. But what experience will show us.

Only quite recently was such an experience shared between us and the students of Isha Home School. And the venue? The Bee Museum, Ooty.

Isha Home School (1)..

The 2-hour workshop was to create a room for discussion between the students, their accompanying teachers, and our nature educator. We didn’t want the kids to be indoctrinated into a school of thought. We wanted the students to themselves create an understanding of bees and the ecosystem.

A documentary screening, Kurumba art and painting, and beeswax candlemaking station were set up for the kids. Constructive arguments and questions were exchanged between the students and our nature educator.

Most of which were answered. Truth be told, it seemed like we learned more from the children that day.

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