CEPF/IUCN Freshwater Workshop

Keystone Foundation in Collaboration with Nilgiri Natural History Society is proud to host the CEPF/IUCN Freshwater  Workshop in Key Biodiversity Areas in Kerala & Tamil Nadu.

Workshops are to ensure engagement by relevant stakeholders in the KBA delineation, validation and the development of key management recommendations.At the workshops we will discuss the species composition at each KBA site in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, identify threats, potential conservation actions/management that are needed (and already in place), and identify potential stakeholders (‘site champions’) who could undertake any conservation work or monitoring at the site.

End User workshop we discuss and identify opportunities for how these KBAs can be incorporated into existing conservation and development planning activities and other processes (e.g. EIAs, legislation) to better improve the conservation of the species and sites identified.


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