Shola Trail Saravanmalai & Neighborhood Trees Campaign

Kicking off Earth Day celebrations, NNHS is organizing a Shola Trail as a part of “Neighborhood Trees Campaign” We start at Attadi Junction on the Coonor- Kotagiri Rd and go up to Sarvanamalai. The trail will be led by Shiny M Rehel, Field Botanist and Compiler of Field Gu
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Taranadmund trail

  On the 22nd of December about ten participants started the trail from Taranadmund, a characteristic Toda settlement that can be accessed via the Ooty-Gudalur road. Tarannadmund is a vast wetland-grassland complex high in biodiversity. The trail began through dense wattle planta
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Mullur-Mandarai trail

This nature trail through the eastern slopes of the Nilgiris covered a total distance of 15km through varying landscapes. A group of about ten participants started the walk from Mullur through some tea gardens, which were gradually replaced by evergreen forests past the Glenburn estat
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Rangaswamy Pillar Trek

The trek to Rangasamy pillar on the 21st proved to be quite exhilarating. Twelve, members and non-members took part in the trek to the pillar which lasted about four hours.The beginning of the trail was a bit challenging because of the steep slope but was soon made easy by the gentle
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Gombu Falls trek

A trek through the forests surrounding Gombu Falls proved challenging, but refreshing with the onset of summer. The Falls, around 21 metres in height, is at an altitude of 17oom above sea level has one of its origins in Longwood Shola. After a briefing by Senthil Prasad, an NNHS EC me
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