Birding in Kokkal

IMG_20171029_093344A trek was conducted to Kokkal, Sholur on 29 October 2017, which was facilitated by NNHS Co-ordinator Anandhi Chandran. We started the trek at 7.30 a.m. with the weather favoring us with bright sunshine. The first stretch was a steep incline scattered with rocks. The grassland was interspersed with marshes and fresh water springs. There was a lot of butterfly activity and we spotted sambar deer grazing in the distance.The shola forest was a treat especially since we were able to spot some rhododendron trees in bloom. A total of 6 people participated in the trek. We would like to thank the DFO Nilgiris North, TNFD for giving us permission. This trail was a great reminder of the unique beauty of Nilgiri grasslands and sholas leaving us tired after the long trek but totally wonder struck and inspired.

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